Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Affordable Luxuries

I, myself, am extremely credit-crunched right now. I'm scraping by to say the least, and while there are some days my three meals all happen to match and my social life suffers, there are some "little luxuries" I tell myself are a must:
Good sheets

Pure Beech® Sateen Sheet Set, 100% Modal, 250 Thread CountPure Beech Satten Sheet Set 
From Bed,Bath & Beyond. These sheets are seriously of the chain. Some may laugh at the 250 thread count, but don't be fooled these 100% cotton sateen will having you signing their praises and you might catch yourself in an explicit....."Holy SHEET!"  Only $79.99 ! Modal Jersey is another great great fabric choice for sheets. I have a set and omg. Thats it.
Candles, Candles, Candles. They just make me smile. There's a small boutique up in Healdsburg, CA that is alllll candles and that store is a little piece of heaven. La Farmicista. Anyyyways, I am a HUGE sucker for Henri Bendel Candles, my all-time favorite being Tuberose. $30 retail, but hit up some google searches to find lots of places to get them cheaper. :D
If you just can't justify spending double digits on something you will eventually light on fire, check out Mrs.Meyers Clean Day Candle in Basil! Only $9.99 !

Fresh flowers are an absolute in the affordable luxuries column. There is no excuse for not having fresh flowers in your home. They add that unexpected pop of color, and instantly add glam. Whatever flowers do for you, they're a must. And talk about affordability, while orchids may not always be in your price range like this one from Gifted Basket in San Francisco, many can be free...(*hint, take a walk around your neighborhood, I am in no way implying you steal, ask before you cut!) 
Dendrobium Orchid
view larger image

Organic Fruits and Veggies . I know it sounds funny, but it adds up. And being vegetarian, I love indulging in some really high quality produce. It also helps me feel better and I love preparing a meal I know is sourced locally and organically.

Manicures. $10 and your hands will be a whole lot happier with you. There's just something about them that feels so luxurious and relaxing even when you're in a crowded salon during your lunch break. Pop in your head phones, but keep an eye on your lady to back sure she's not trimming back your cuticles too much! Ouch!

Well, that's my short list of affordable luxuries for today, I of course, could go on and on, but I'll save it for another day when I'm strapped for cash.

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