Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy Day in the South

Its a very rainy day down here in the South. I'm sitting inside finishing off my Soy Latte(* I have a very kind boyfriend who often supports my Starbucks habit) trying to decide what fun project to start today. I am trying to do some art work to put together a frame collage up in my very bare living room. I'm liking the idea of doing a collection of inked pieces and finding really fabulous frames. Oh if I could just import this room into my own townhome...

I'm not normally a fan of rain because I'm addicted to the sun, BUT for the last 24 hours I kept myself inside and have become completely enamored with THIS YOUNG HOUSE. I completely admire this couple. Their site is incredible and I'm completely smitten with everything on the site. As soon as the weather improves I plan on utilizes many of their DIY projects they have posted in the archives. So this is a shout out to the very ambitious couple!!!livroomnewfloors4webtheir gorgeous living room.


the young couple.
I also have begun posting my artwork on my other blog: The Fridge Door. Take a look...much more will be posted soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun, Playful Features

Private Residence (top) Private Palm Beach Home (bottom)

I have always been the adventurous type. As a kid I explored, questioned and rifled. As I get older I also tend to revert back to my old playful self and enjoy just getting a good laugh in and things that were intended to do just that. I haven't been very happy lately, but something that always gets me smiling is the playful, youthful and totally out there designs of Jonathan Adler. He is such a breath of fresh air with his geometric and clean designs. I always make sure to have a good look through his San Francisco store when I'm at home. I always get a laugh out of some of his designs. Such as his :
Breast Lamp $550

British Flag Pillow $95

Leather Terrier $695

I love the leather animal collection he has, they would be the perfect accent to any bookcase or side table. Anyways, I just thought I would do a small post about this great refreshing designer who always makes me smile.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Balanced Bedroom

view of bedroom from the entry.

View of bedroom from far wall.

I haven't had much time or energy to focus on my bedroom. I need my space to be clean, clear and balanced. I'm working on developing a unique headboard design, but for right now I hung a simple door mirror sideways. The two black solid marble lamps were found at the Goodwill in Birmingham, although the shades work they are a little dirty so I may change them. The duvet cover I made myself, It is incredibly soft and was a fun project. I'm going to work on constructing a fun headboard, 2 side tables and of course find a frame when I have a second. I also intend on buying some fabulous fabric from I.O Metro to create a fun rug to liven up the floor. I'm also considered a padded, bench to place at the end of the bed. Storage perhaps?
This is the Color palette I intend on working with for the bedroom. I love the grays and yellows together. Its very unexpected, masculine but the yellow helps provide feminine touches.

I.O Metro Zebra Rug (they have a great print of this in gray for $9.75/yd! ) here's a close up of my fun light-up flowers, they create a great glow at night. I just bought some cedar twigs to put in them and I'll probably move them somewhere I can display them better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Living Room

My first battle with my new spacious abode is the living room. I have a large, hardwood living room that is currently less than livable. We have an ugly big, TV and we bought one tan suede armchair that is very versatile and would work well in any space. A large cream-colored couch that is rather dated and very uncomfortable takes up a large portion of space. Other than that we have nothing.

I want to do something very fresh, bright and relaxing. I'm think hydrangeas.

We're not allowed to paint the walls but I'm feeling a collection of mirror tiles. I have very large wall to fill up, and I am also considering fabric as an alternative to painting. I am an artist and may do a collective piece to fill up the large wall.

*( Photo Credit- Phoebe Howard ) *
Phoebe Howard Website
I'm on a mission to find inexpensive furniture to refurbish(being the fabulously resourceful college student that I am) I'm dreaming of a crisp white coffee table, with candles and a floor lamp, to provide softer lighting.