Friday, July 31, 2009


Is anyone else REALLY excited that Barnes and Noble FINALLY hopped on the free Wi-Fi bandwagon?! I can finally escape to my favorite place AND do work there without having to have some stupid code or pay a ton of money. Wooohoo.
I'm loving these Warhol plates, they crack me up!

Warhol Plate on sale at CB2 $.95 each
These Steve Madden pumps are so sexy and very rock and roll on sale right now at Nordstrom $69.99
Steve Madden 'Tarrgaa' Sandal

How do you all feel about purple home decor? Every style magazine said purple bags were in right now. Although I'm not a huge fan of the hue, I have to admit I'm digging these!

Thomas Paul Silk Pillow

Sorry for the rather random progression of this post, I just have so many random thoughts swirling around right now. Hope every has a HAPPY FRIDAY! I have to work at 4 till close so it won't be that fun, but I got my paycheck so THAT was!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clean Sweep

I'm on a mission, well I have been for the past month. To finally feel a little bit "moved-in" to the home I've been in for the past 5 months. Sad, I know, but my goal for today is to finally organize the room that has been overloaded with randoms (aka all the junk I forget about and should just donate). I'm also on a mission to rid the house of cockroaches. Living with 3 other males makes this a difficult task due to the amount of food and crumbs constantly left for the female (read: ME) to clean up. I HATE COCKROACHES. And I'm always the one who seems to find them!?
Should I leave a copy of this on the coffee table so maybe they'll be inspired? I'd probably have to disguised it as a Sports Illustrated book!
I digress,
The space I'm needing to organize is going to purpose as both an extra seating space and workspace. I hope to bring in a currently unused black leather couch and a nice, big desk so I can work and do projects. (Did I mention the possibility of a small space to work out? ) So hopefully I can utilize the space the best I can and design it to suit all my needs.
Could I just have this space though?

This is my ultimate dream desk, but I have to keep in mind I live with three young, masculine males. So this style is probably out of the question right now but I can always dream. Oh, SeeJaneWork, you do it for me every time.

Well, hopefully I can cross some To-Do's off my list after today. And then I won't have to continue to overwhelm my posts with workspace and desk ideas.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

long, self-less day

Sorry friends, I was unable to indulge in a day of blogging because I was waiting in the ortho-sports surgery waiting room. Why? Because my sweet, ex-baseball playing boyfriend had some bone spurs removed from his elbow. Here's a run down:
5:20am- I'm up and in the shower, so I don't scare people in the hospital
5:50am- I wake up the prince charming, he's not excited...I wonder why?
6:05am-Leave for the brand new ortho-center in downtown Birmingham
6:30am- Arrive and check-in. and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
7:30am- The bf gets call for the prep.
8:00am- We go visit with him, I feel instantly woozie when I see the IV in his arm, they give him some "feel good" meds, and he wishes he had more. (Can I get some!?)
8:45am- We all have to leave and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
10:40am- We are told he is finally going into the surgery room!? ok.
and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
11:45am- He's out of surgery but we can't see him since he's still snoozing.
12:15pm- We're finnnnallly allowed in to see him, we bombard him with questions and all we get is monosyllabic answers. Typical male on drugs right after surgery response.
1:15pm- He finally get's through his saltines and sprite and feels ok enough to leave...ughhh finallly those 5 pieces of pinapple and 4 cups of coffee can only hold a girl over for so long!!!

So after a long long day at the hospital (Did I mention I am NOT a needle/hospital/gross stuff fan?!) we are finally home, I'm blogging and life is good, except for now I have to be a slave for a few days. I don't complained because I'm sure there will be someday that I will need help from him, (Childbirth anyone!?)
All in the name of love.
oh, P.S. sitting in the waiting room for 7 hours made me want to become a commercial interior designer, waiting rooms needs some serious decor help! This was a new hospital too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shopping Day!

The boyfriend finally has a job interview today so I'm taking advantage of this trip to Birmingham to do some tasty shopping.
Crate and Barrel

I'm really craving a new structured bag, of course I'm dreaming of the white wainscott Michael Kors Satchel, but that's a little out of my budget right now.

This one is what I'm looking for and more in my price range from Forever 21.
Reminds me of a decor like this

Soothing bedroom in similar color scheme

Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Sunday

worked on my DIY project. Used a washed out can and some scrapbook paper with spray adhesive to make those adorable pencil holders. :D I also used an old popcorn jar and spruced it up to turn it into a sugar jar. :D for our coffee in the morning. Being a slow Sunday, went to church and now taken residence on the couch. Happy Sunday everyone!
Possibly going to see The Ugly Truth tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sad Day For Me

Well, now that I'm not blessed with a full-ride to college anymore (ohhh those monthly checks I completely took for granted!?), I have come to the realization that I must sell my beloved car. I am completely in love with this car, well technically its a SUV, but whatever. I'm selling my 2006 sparkly white trailblazer so I can finish up college and get a degree. Also so I'm not living in complete poverty. (I love pasta and rice, but not every night)
So if anyone has any ideas on how I can advertise my for sale car please let me know! I'd really appreciate it. And so would my parents, since the insurance on it is through the roof.

Friday, July 24, 2009

DIY inspiration and my new fav site

So once again being the poor college student I am, I can afford my new Seven jeans and True Religion Perfume, but I can't afford to eat out or buy expensive food. Its give and take. I do eat really healthy, but I've been stocking up on my canned veggies (organic of course) so instead of throwing the cans away, I knew I could use them for something.
And I totally just figured it out, thanks to See Jane Work website.
Easy, Easy, Easy DIY: Paper-covered Pencil/paintbrush holder/makeup stuff holder (I'm currently using an old starbucks cup to hold my eyeliners)

Pencil Cups
While these retail for $10, I figure I can spend 50cents (get some food) and make a completely adorable can for $1.00 (for the paper)

It sounds totally weird, but I HATE throwing away magazines. I love referencing them for everything. And if I don't cut them to pieces for my inspiration book, I just stack them up. So I totally need some of these! $8 at See Jane Work.
Magazine Boxes

I'm always drawing a blank on what words to use, with these ultra chic dictionaries from Webster, I think my diction would be much more, colorful. To say the least.
Webster's Fashion Color Thesaurus

This mail sorter would make organizing the mail between 4 people so much easier, rather than making a pile on the coffee table!

Ok, so I'm completely infatuated with See Jane Work's website. I could post every item from the site on this blog, but I'll spare you and just have you check it out for yourself. When I'm finally settled in a place for more than 4 months at a time, I'm definitely investing in some of these products!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anthropologie Finds

Love the colors!
Well, yesterday I worked my tail off yesterday and the only thing that went through my mind was eating and sleeping, (ok and the new True Religion Perfume I bought crossed my mind a few times. Love employee discounts)
Anyways, loving Anthropologie right now too. I have to make the trip up to Birmingham for a little tour around their store soon.
Here's some things I'm craving on their site:
Emeline Chair
Emeline Chair $2,498
Goose Ring Nest
goose ring nest $10

Timepiece Knob
Timepiece Knob $8

Measured Time Scale
Measured Time Scale $248

White Narcissus Mirror
White Narcissus Mirror $328

Can't wait till I can get over there and see all these pretty things in person!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I may post later...but right now I can only think about how badly my feet hurt from working 9-6 today.
Wish the boyfriend was in town so he could take me to P.F.Changs and I could order those uber tasty asian pear mojitos!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This morning has been excellent so far, especially since I got a Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks which came with a free pastry! And I don't have work. Could not ask for more. I'm making my list of To Do's and for some reason can't wait to start working on all my chores. Probably because I love organizing? :D
Me and the Bf are discussing possibly moving to Birmingham so we can get our own place until Australia, based on if he gets a job or not. But if we do I'm definitely going to buy a cute desk to do my work on, since right now all I have is the couch to work on. Which really just enables my procrastination.
I wish I had one of these adorable and not to mention completely functional/practical laptop desks. Pottery Barn Teen $129. (the price isn't as cute. Possibly a DIY?)

And some Ideas if we do move into an apartment next month.
When I go back to work in August, not only will I be one cool bitch riding her Vespa to work but I will also have a fabulously chic workspace like this.  Reblogged to remind myself.  For now I will continue, um, not working.  Wow - I love not working :-) veronicalovesarchie:  I’m thinking this will be my next project. I can’t remember where I stole this pic from sorry, guysies.

Sub all the black for grey or patterns and we are in business!

Love the shabby chic look, especially if I get an old desk and spruce it up. :D

This is probably the best idea I've seen. Two storage units can provide an excellent base for a desk. Love the notebooks and initials too!
Brand new workspace

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Margarita Mondays

It's not even Monday morning it too early for one of these? (read: 3 or 4 of these)
I didn't think so either. bottoms up.
oh yea...I have to work. I wouldn't complain if it was anyhow related to design, marketing or event planning, but's sales.

Slow Sunday

What could be better on a Lazy Sunday than warm, freshly baked vegan pumpkin muffins. Oh, and how could I forget the last day of the British Open? Which has controlled my boyfriend this whole day. At least I got some baking/ hummus making done.
(not mine...but I wish they were!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorting Silver

I just started my new job in retail, and as employee's we have to emulate our brand through accessorizing. So everyday I'm decked out in various layers of bangles, long chain pendants, and chandelier earrings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about getting the opportunity to play dress up everyday. But my poor costume jewelry doesn't have a home. In my old place I had all my necklaces hung up in my walk-in. But they have found a comfy place above our tv in the bedroom, which is conveniently placed right next to the door. (Read: I rip off all my jewelry after work and put it on the first horizontal thing I find, ie. the Tv stand)
So it is time to ORGANIZE! hip hip hooray!!

Martha Stewarts: De-cluttering small thingsGood Things: De-Cluttering Small Things
They used small Japanese bowls to sort out earrings. So cute!

wood prep bowls set of 6 $9.99 Sur La Table
porcelain ramekins $3.50 each Sur La Table
Mini Glass Bowl Set $9.95 Crate And Barrel
I thought these would be so cute if you could decoupage them with whatever! My mom did it once and they turned out great.

And who says they all have to match!!?
Stylish Jewelry Storage

And I absolutely love this branch idea.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I'm loving

Good Morning Bloggers! I hope we are all having a fantastic day. Since I started working I got back in an earlier morning routine, so it finally gives me time to blog!! I've been so preoccupied with job searching, cleaning and figuring out what I'm going to do with my life I have unfortunately not been good about my blogging.
Anyways, here are some things I'm loving right now.
Recycled Rubber Coasters, $38 for 4, including 2 West Coasters and 2 East Coasters;
*I am an original West Coaster...but I guess now I'd consider myself a East Coaster now.

Gray and Yellow. I think I've done 100 posts on this combo, but I can't get over it.

The Orange Hermes Bicycle. (If I end up in Australia I want to buy a bike and ride everywhere instead of drive to stay in shape)

A bottle...or 5 of Polka Dot Riesling.

Tiffany's Legacy Engagement Rings: I want to just buy one for myself!
Summer Sandals!

Mystique $115 Jessica Simpson $69

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Support Etsy

Thanks Etsy sellers for all your hardwork and dedicate to vintage and handmade!

Elegant Chandelier viny wall decal
Elegant Chandelier Viny wall decal "Circleline Studio"

A silver vineyard necklace .. made from an antique spoon
Vintage Silver Vineyard Necklace $13.99 The Fig Tree Online

More of my favorites later, unfortunately it's time for this employed girl to go to work.