Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happiness to Me...

I've been thinking about all the things in my life that bring me happiness and joy. I complied a visual list to share with everyone. Happy Thursday!

1. Sharing a moment over a morning cup of coffee with my boyfriend 

2. Laying on the couch and reading a great book or 10
colorful_bookshelves /

3. Running, as fast as I can, especially on the beach with my dogs

4. LOVE! (duh!)

5. Buying gifts and surprising people I love, on non-holidays or occasions... just-because-gifts

6. Shopping trips with my mom

That's just a short list of some of things that bring me real happiness....what brings happiness into your life?

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Countdown begins...

And so begins the countdown of days until I hop in the car at an ungodly hour to make my way to the city of Austin. 9 days to go! Is it sad one of the things I'm most concerned about during this moving process is finding the closest library to where I'll be living?!
I was considering BookSwim, but for $29.99, which is how much a casual membership costs, I would rather buy 1 or 2 books a month from B&N. Or a thrift shop, which is where I actually find most of my good paperbacks.
I'm also collecting visuals of bedrooms I love. I am definitely using a bench or long crate at the end of my bed. Hopefully for storage and also I think it just looks amazing. I always think of Rachel Zoe's bedroom when I have my perfect bedroom in my mind. Minus the Missoni throws which are luxurious, but just not my taste.

See, with the beautiful stack of books at the end of the bed.

I also love, love the look of the zebra rug. I know I will have one in the living room. I'm going to try really hard to balance out any feminine touches with some masculinity as well. My boyfriend will be joining me in September when baseball finishes and I don't think he'd appreciate coming home to a room full of girly, fluffy shit. Not that that's my taste...I'm just saying.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Budget Buys

I'm going to be working on an extremely tight/low budget to decorate and furnish my apartment. At least until I can find work. I've been compiling list after list and scouring the internet for some good finds. And I can't wait to hit up a garage sale or 10 to find some bargains once I move. (If anyone knows of good flea markets or antique stores in the Austin area please let me know!)
In the Bedroom, I want a bed that can be versatile and modern. 
Tuscany Villa White Faux Leather Queen-size BedI love this White Faux Leather Look from $354
JONSBO EGBY Table lamp
As for bedside Lighting, I am obsessed with clear anything right now. And this $19.99 table lamp from does it for me!

In the kitchen, I'm going to be all about uniformed storage and perfect portion sizes for easy eats. I have extremely weird food habits. And these little matching jars are going to look perfect whether they're in the cabinet or fridge! Set of 12 for $19.99 at

I'm probably going to splurge on a few great pieces and furniture I know I'll have for a long time and try to be thrifty when it comes to the more easily replaceable items.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it bad that last night I was looking on Overstock, Target and Macys at things like Sno-cone makers, panini presses and mixers instead of essentials for my new apartment?
Keep Calm and Carry On Serving TrayKeep Calm and Snack On Tray $14.99
  Kalorik Heart-shaped Waffle MakerHeart-shaped Waffle Maker $34 at
KitchenAid KSB560AQ Blender,  Martha Stewart Blue Collection 5 Speed Martha Stewart Blender $60 at

This definitely tops my list. I would love to make my own Almond Yogurt, if that's possible. :)

EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker and Starter KitYogurt Maker $29.99 at

 I'm writing an Apartment Move-in Checklist to just see the amount of things I need for my new place. I'm really starting from scratch after being a nomad for the past year and half.
Unfortunately these items won't be topping my "Must-Haves" , but my "Must-Lust" list.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Backyard Designs

I'm currently helping my future mother-inlaw re-design her backyard space. She's done an amazingly beautiful job planting, mulching and bricklaying. But there is still one eye-sore spot in the garden that just screaming Firepit and quaint seating area.
So yesterday during a trip to Restoration Hardware we found the most fitting fire bowl to get the ball rolling on our re-design. River Rock Fire BowlRestoration Hardware $399-699
.Spartan DaybedI love the idea of a canopy daybed like this one from Restoration ....I don't love the price so much $6000. 

Here's the plan I drew up last nite while in bed, so nothing is to scale, or completely accurate. But I just had to put it on paper before bed. Can't wait to get started.

Friday, May 14, 2010

784 sq ft.

That's how much space I will have to work with in two weeks. Thats right, I am finally getting my own apartment! This is the time I have been waiting for with baited breath all year.
So, as the move in begins and the decorating starts, I will be updating much much more frequently to document my adventures and experiences designing my first place. keys to making my first place perfect will include the following:
  • Using the floor plan to map out furniture Before I bring a load of stuff in. 
  • Finding bargains and once-loved pieces that I can breath some life into for a little amount of cash. (I'm just out of college so low-budget items are always welcome) 
  • Utilizing each space for a specific function or allowing them to serve dual purposes. 
  • Bring luxurious textures, fabrics and colors into each space to define my own style and give each space life and attitude. 
  • fresh flowers. 
Obviously my favorite site at the moment is Apartment Therapy. To quote Edward Cullen, "Like my own personal brand of heroin." I LOVE THIS SITE. Especially now since I'm finally about to get my first apartment. Completed addicted.
I spent hours looking at the spaces submitted in the small cool contest.

this was the winners space. I die for that clear plex chair! ahhhh. Ikea has some similar ones right now. They are a great way to not clog up a space, but still have function.

I'm going to be in Austin, with almost 800 sq.ft. But I love the idea of printing the floor plan out and "playing tetris". In a studio like this one, this was definitely the key to making it work.