Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have finally had a few consecutive days of beautiful weather and I had a little bit of time to get some spring decorations up. Although I have yet to take pictures of my fun candle displays and egg baskets. Here are some fabulous Easter decoration ideas from Martha Stewart Living.
These are some of my favorites:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cookies on a Cloudy Day

Its a cloudy, rainy day so what better time to bake cookies than now? I told my boyfriend I'd make him so delicious, non-vegan cookies. With the help of Smitten Kitchen's fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe I just pulled a batch of gooey, tasty cookies out of the oven.
They were so simple to make and now I can surprise my boyfriend once he gets done with a long day of baseball. I was also going to make some delicious vegan mushroom soup from my amazing cookbook from Candle Cafe in New York City. But of course I forgot to grab an onion in Publix. So it will have to wait until after work.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My favorite idea which I thought of myself, after a trip to the vintage store...Buying several old, distressed windows panes and hanging them in front of different images, fabrics etc. maybe even some fake flowers. Could be interesting. I'll let you know what I do.

While I like the concept of covering 3 separate panels, I am not a fan of their color choice. But this is a great idea for my space.

I absolutely love this monochromatic color scheme, although I not really a fan of the screen as a headboard. It is unique. I put this in more for the look of the entire room. Very peaceful.

Yes, back to the topic of headboards. This is my project that I must complete. I want an inexpensive, but effective design that will be simple while still creating a visual interest.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Design Desires

West Elm Desk (I just love this look)

Pure Vegetarian from Anthropologie $29.99
West Elm Coffee Table (*This is a must have) $129.99

Wall Paper "Zebra Floral" from Anthropologie $198

Drapery; Anthropologie $98

Coral Knob; Anthropologie $2.00

Blue Bird Rug; Anthropologie

This is just a collection of my current wish list items for my place. I'm really trying to find some suitable window treatments since right now there are none to be had. The living room desperately needs work and I am so in love with the greys, blues and creams right now. vintage-looking, but with splashes of crisp white it looks very spa-like and welcoming.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Boy Cakes

Tomorrow will be my boyfriend's 23rd and his favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake. Thus, I have bought a mix, frosting, candles etc. To bake him a delicious cake. Yes, I said mix, I'm a busy girl. But this being my day off work I decided why not include a little blog about my baking experience and include some cakes that are a little more, lets say impressive than what I plan on creating.

Now this super cute Chicago Cubs cake would be the cake I WISH I could give him. But the box mix will have to do.

I got looking at some more local bakeries in Birmingham and came across Magnificent Cakes which had some amazing and true to name, magnificent!! This is a groom's cake and each of the strawberries are wearing little tuxs! Too sweet!
magnificent cakes
Now, as soon as I saw THIS gorgeous Tiffany's inspired cake collection I was speechless. My motto has always been, "the best boxes are those little blue tiffany's,". So beautiful, again a big kudos to Magnificent Cakes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birmingham Buys

After a short, but sweet trip to Birmingham last night for my boyfriends birthday, I came back with a few gifts for myself. Although I only got to hit up a few spots (since I was with an "anti-shopper") I found some amazing deals. (My middle name might as well be bargain)
My first stop was urban outfitters where I found a lot of really cute stuff, but me being the highly resourceful girl I am found this pack of 10 basic frames in various sizes reduced to $9 instead of $50.... I figured I did all right. I also bought a sweet salt and pepper shaker set for $1.99!

Urban Outfitters . Sorry the image is backwards!
My final stop was at World Market, where I picked up about 15 things for a grand total of $35!!
These are just a few things I got; Some fabulous wrapping paper that I plan on using for various porjects, 4ft. long cedar twigs, and some sea glass. I also bought 3 votives and candles, chopping board, oil and vinegar bottles, falafel mix, and some adorable ceramic measuring spoons.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sofa Search

*Design Sponge Credit
I am desperately trying to not make my living room look so daunting and blah. Although we have a couch and an armchair, it is currently in dire condition. I found the couch for free, a block down the street from me. After carefully removing every possible germ and practically taking out stock in Lysol and Bleach, I have a useful couch. The problem is that, I hate it. It's ugly, STILL has stains and looks totally out of place. We also have a tan micro-fiber armchair (which I also hate, but was coerced into buying). Other than that we have nothing else, oh! How could I forget; a hideous TV, circa 1999. Anyways I'm searching for a reasonably priced sofa that will fit my very specific ideas. I want neutral, crisp, clean, soft, plush, deep...
This one would do quite well...With some fun accent pillows.
White is so timeless, I can't go wrong.
These sofa's from Paris are great, love the brown, but not what I'm looking for.
Well I'm also thinking about breathing some new life into that poor orphan couch I picked up. I think I could do a good job. Anyway ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear it.

The epitome of luxe and lavishness would have to be this Versace Sofa.