Friday, February 20, 2009

The Living Room

My first battle with my new spacious abode is the living room. I have a large, hardwood living room that is currently less than livable. We have an ugly big, TV and we bought one tan suede armchair that is very versatile and would work well in any space. A large cream-colored couch that is rather dated and very uncomfortable takes up a large portion of space. Other than that we have nothing.

I want to do something very fresh, bright and relaxing. I'm think hydrangeas.

We're not allowed to paint the walls but I'm feeling a collection of mirror tiles. I have very large wall to fill up, and I am also considering fabric as an alternative to painting. I am an artist and may do a collective piece to fill up the large wall.

*( Photo Credit- Phoebe Howard ) *
Phoebe Howard Website
I'm on a mission to find inexpensive furniture to refurbish(being the fabulously resourceful college student that I am) I'm dreaming of a crisp white coffee table, with candles and a floor lamp, to provide softer lighting.

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