Saturday, February 21, 2009

Balanced Bedroom

view of bedroom from the entry.

View of bedroom from far wall.

I haven't had much time or energy to focus on my bedroom. I need my space to be clean, clear and balanced. I'm working on developing a unique headboard design, but for right now I hung a simple door mirror sideways. The two black solid marble lamps were found at the Goodwill in Birmingham, although the shades work they are a little dirty so I may change them. The duvet cover I made myself, It is incredibly soft and was a fun project. I'm going to work on constructing a fun headboard, 2 side tables and of course find a frame when I have a second. I also intend on buying some fabulous fabric from I.O Metro to create a fun rug to liven up the floor. I'm also considered a padded, bench to place at the end of the bed. Storage perhaps?
This is the Color palette I intend on working with for the bedroom. I love the grays and yellows together. Its very unexpected, masculine but the yellow helps provide feminine touches.

I.O Metro Zebra Rug (they have a great print of this in gray for $9.75/yd! ) here's a close up of my fun light-up flowers, they create a great glow at night. I just bought some cedar twigs to put in them and I'll probably move them somewhere I can display them better.


  1. That rug is gorgeous! I bet it would look great in your room.

  2. great rug