Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fitzroy St.

We went down to Fitzroy St. and St.Kilda Beach to check out the scene for Friday happy hour and I was very pleased with what I found. St.Kilda Beach is crawling with great little boutiques and fun, atmospheric bars and restaurants. I didn't get to explore in depth (Stay tuned for a complete guide to St.Kilda Beach after I get to go solo) but I found this super clever bed linen store dubbed: holy Sheet! I was itching to go in, but of course the boy needed to eat, and to be honest I was ready for a happy hour drink.


So we took a quick ride around the corner to Fitzroy St. which turns out to be quite the hip hang out place. One place obviously had some great drink specials (hard to find around here, alcohol prices are ridiculous compared the the States) because it was packed inside and out. So we continued up the street to a place I spotted from the tram called Cushion. I know, how could you not be intrigued. It's unpretentious, calm atmosphere invited us in immediately, (did I mention the $5 house wines and beer, along with $10 mains!?) Although I wasn't hungry, K ordered a Chicken and Bacon Burger and we had a nice happy hour at Cushion. Ironically we sat on hard benches outside, not cushions.

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