Monday, April 20, 2009

Homemade Headboard Day!!

Pink Wallpapers Custom Headboard

Today is the day, I've been talking about this for weeks. I am finally making my own headboard. After reading Pink Wallpaper's post on how she made her's, (Her's is gorgeous by the way!) I took a little trip to Michael's and Home Depot to get my supplies.
What I bought:
Queen Size Batting - Michael's $13.07
Staple Gun and Staples- Home Depot $20
1/4" plywood 60"x36"- Home Depot $13.48
Egg Crate Foam - Compliments of the Boyfriend $FREE
Fabric 3yds. - yet to buy
TOTAL: $46 before fabric

It's a beautiful day so I can't wait to go out side and complete the project. As soon as my camera charges so I can document the process. I'll post some in progress pics and a finished product later tonight.


  1. I need to do this. I've been talking about making us a headboard for awhile!

  2. Hey I love that headboard you made. I looking to make one for myself as well and wanted to get some tips from you about how you did it where you got your stuff etc. e-mail me if you have a chance. Thanks!