Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeling At Home

I've been living in Australia for one week now. And it's made me really appreciate how the small things make someone feel comfortable and at home. The first couple days were tough: jet-lag, new house, different bed, different everything. But now that we have had a few days to explore and be on our own (our hosts have gone to SF in the States for 2 weeks). I was happy that I did bring somethings with me to make it feel more like home:
I always have candles by my bed at home, so before I left I stopped by my favorite candle store in Healdsburg La Farmacista and picked up some Volspua Travel Candles. (I also love the owners of this shop!)

A soft, plush oversized throw blanket$list4$
My favorite go-to, last-through-anything sandals: Rainbows
My own pillow from home

Oh and lets not forget my boyfriend. We both admitted that we would have been miserable here if we didn't have each other.
What do you have to have when you travel to make things feel more homey?

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  1. I always bring a blanket from home and of course for the kiddies the bring an arsenal of things. I love that candle. It makes for great Christmas gifts.