Friday, September 25, 2009

Rachel Zoe Home

Every time I watch The Rachel Zoe Project, I have to occasionally catch myself drooling over the fabulous clothes, effortless chic styling's, and I often re-watch the shows to catch the interior design of her spaces.
Interestingly enough, (stop staring at the shoes...I know...its: bananas) her house is minimalistic in design and very sterile. This may be in part to her hectic schedule and desire for a calm, peaceful place to "relax" when not at her studio. While she loves color, flair and especially furs when styling her clients, her home is quite the opposite.(Ok, the furs are still very pervasive in the design) She is heavily influenced by the 70's fashion period with the bold, eccentric prints that can be seen frequently in Missoni's designs.
Although Rachel may be tiny-sized, her attitude and fashion opinions are super-sized. Glimpses of this are visible in her home, especially with her luscious over-sized bed.

Rachel Zoe's backyard
From everything I've seen, I'm a huge fan of both her and her home. The only thing I would add in my design would be more eye-catching focal pieces in certain areas such as her living room. But as a whole, it is a relaxing, soothing space. And I definitely wouldn't mind picking up one of those books and cuddling into that bed!

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