Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm BACK! and In Aussie-land

Hello fellow bloggers, I'm back and ready for some action. Blog action I mean. I have finally settled into the land down under and now feel as though I can resume responsible blogging duties. To catch everyone up real quick:
Left the states this time last week, have finally recovered from Jet-lag, finally have an Australian bank card, took my first trip into Melbourne, and fell in love. Here are just a few images from my first of many trips into the city of Melbourne.

They had all these graphic cook books! and a book on Melbourne
Both taken in a quaint home decor store called Rap products
I fell in love with these owls!

I had the boy with me today so we did Queen Victoria Market, got some tasty treats and tasted some wines and then wandered around the town just to get familiar with it. I can't wait to go do much more exploring! It's going to be fabulous.

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  1. Love Queen Vic Market. I went on a food tour there and it was fantastic! Melbourne is definitely one of my favourite cities... the hidden shops down the laneways, the fab food, shopping, beaches, St Kilda... I'm jealous. Would love to move back there.