Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Lovely Day

I had another fab day with the mom. Hit the Outlet Shops; necklace from Saks, She scored some St.John Sport Sweats for only $30 instead of $400! And Then we dined at my favorite place in Santa Rosa; Guy Fieri's Tex Wasabi's.

I get the Earthy Crunchy Rolls and a Bowl of Miso.
The place is a fun, hip dining experience with the most outrageous menu items. Think a funky, rock and roll blended with the traditional Japanese feel. So original.
Then it was on to the mall to use up some coupons for Macys. Since I'm headed to Aussie I'm not allowed to buy any more jeans or heavy items, thus I scored the clearance shoe racks for cute, comfy flats. I scored big.

Michael Kors Logo Leather Flats: originally $120. Paid $30 !
MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Women's Dayton Flat Shoe
Jessica Simpson Sandals; Originally $90; Paid $20 Yes!

Gap Driving Flats Silver $22
Lizzie Metallic-leather Driving Mocs - Shoes - Women -
(These are actually J.Crew but they are identical! )

We have a great day today, and tomorrow we are taking the dogs to the beach! It should be a great day.

I've been seeing a lot of metallic in the stores and I love the idea of it in the home. ie metallic leather pillow

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  1. you scored big time with your shoe finds! great job.