Thursday, August 6, 2009

Place for my Patent Pumps

As I attempt to make our house more livable for the time being (read: not have all possessions in boxes and bags) I'm trying to think of a good idea for storing all of our shoes. As former athletes we have more sneakers than you could ever imagine. Every season we get about 7 new pairs, multiple by that by his 5 seasons and my 2... I horrible at math, but but it's like our sneakers get busy and reproduce every time we leave the house.
And of course I have my sexy collection of various heels, pumps and wedges and sandals and slip ons and flats etc. etc.
I'm not complaining about how many shoes we have, but where they are currently located...around the entire perimeter of our bedroom. Seriously, all in a line, hugging the baseboard. Then some of my heels are still in a bag, some are stacked on top of each other (don't worry my studded Michael Kors pumps are still safe in their box)
This was a good idea in theory if we lived in space, but no. How awkward-looking is that contraption?!
This may work, but our closet is already more full than it should be.

Shoe OrganizerNow this is what I need, but I don't think it would hold the Bf's big boots and bigger sneakers?
Well I hope I can get some advice (oh, and no over the door shoe hangers...I can't stand those)
And I hope our shoes will find a home.

And while I was searching for good shoe ideas, I ran into this very sweet pink closet, when (not if) I have a girl...her closet will meet these standards.) Precious.


  1. you could take an old wardrobe, or china cabinet or something of that sort, and take out any existing shelves and but in your own slanted shelves, with a small strip to stop them from sliding. I know its a lot of DIY, but they you could get something that would fit your man's shoes, and could be custom heights. And could look pretty on the outside :)

  2. hmmm, I dont think I'm any help- all the ideas I just came up with would def. not work for bigger shoes.

    I hope someone has some good ideas for you though- good luck!

  3. I really like picture #3 too. For big'n'heavy footwear, I was thinking something like those milk-crate looking things that can hold hanging file folders, but turned on their sides. And stacked. In a crazy formation. In a section of the wall that is covered with photos/posters of those shoes in action - or at least images of what they represent (hiking? hunting? something)

  4. mine are all in a big hideous pile at the bottom of my teeny closet. it takes a while to find the pair i'm looking for. good luck with your, i could certainly use some tips too!