Friday, January 1, 2010

I Resolve...

*to post much more regularly and get back into blogging mode. I miss all my fellow bloggers and I'm SO excited to have a fabulous 2010. I believe this will be a truly fantastic year.

*to continue my education and further improving myself through reading, knowledge and experience.

*to find a worthy and charitable cause to donate my time and money to. And I must believe in its mission statement %100.

*take more time in the day to slow down, enjoy what I'm doing and savor everything.

*to travel. Much, much more.. (this trip to Australia has opened me and my boyfriends world to such a large variety of cultures and people. We can't wait to start planning our next trip!)

*to continue saving and developing a plan to make my future bright and fabulous.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and have a prosperous New Year! Lets here it for 2010! Should be a good one!

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