Monday, January 4, 2010

Shameless plug for Young Sexy Rich

Hello ladies. I have begun a new chapter in not only the blogging world, but my life. I am determined to move quickly towards financial success and I'm documenting that in a blog. Its called Young Sexy and Rich.
I am really passionate about personal finance and investing and I feel women as a population don't care enough about our finances. I love to shop and splurge just as much as the next female, but I'm learning how to splurge on buying stock options and diversifying my portfolio. (which is Way more fun than buying things that only depreciate in value instead of adding value)
Young Sexy and Rich

Its in its early stages and many changes are still to come, but I would love some support, feedback or anything else you may want to suggest. I have a dream of every women in the world to feel happy, confident and secure about not only their looks and body, but finances as well.
Hope you'll stop by!


  1. love this! i'm a huge fan of woman and strong personal finances as me that makes a woman sexy by being strong financially..weird i know but oh well. i'll definitely be stopping by!

  2. Exactly why I'm doing it! Thanks for the support and hope you'll become a follower! xx
    If you have any suggestions for the blog I'd love to hear them!