Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cookies on a Cloudy Day

Its a cloudy, rainy day so what better time to bake cookies than now? I told my boyfriend I'd make him so delicious, non-vegan cookies. With the help of Smitten Kitchen's fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe I just pulled a batch of gooey, tasty cookies out of the oven.
They were so simple to make and now I can surprise my boyfriend once he gets done with a long day of baseball. I was also going to make some delicious vegan mushroom soup from my amazing cookbook from Candle Cafe in New York City. But of course I forgot to grab an onion in Publix. So it will have to wait until after work.


  1. I am ever so jealous of those cookies...

  2. Mmmm..these look so good. And I can't wait to get my spring craft on like the pics in the post above! i love bare branches hung with eggs and I'm determined to do one this year.