Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Boy Cakes

Tomorrow will be my boyfriend's 23rd and his favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake. Thus, I have bought a mix, frosting, candles etc. To bake him a delicious cake. Yes, I said mix, I'm a busy girl. But this being my day off work I decided why not include a little blog about my baking experience and include some cakes that are a little more, lets say impressive than what I plan on creating.

Now this super cute Chicago Cubs cake would be the cake I WISH I could give him. But the box mix will have to do.

I got looking at some more local bakeries in Birmingham and came across Magnificent Cakes which had some amazing and true to name, magnificent!! This is a groom's cake and each of the strawberries are wearing little tuxs! Too sweet!
magnificent cakes
Now, as soon as I saw THIS gorgeous Tiffany's inspired cake collection I was speechless. My motto has always been, "the best boxes are those little blue tiffany's,". So beautiful, again a big kudos to Magnificent Cakes.

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