Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sofa Search

*Design Sponge Credit
I am desperately trying to not make my living room look so daunting and blah. Although we have a couch and an armchair, it is currently in dire condition. I found the couch for free, a block down the street from me. After carefully removing every possible germ and practically taking out stock in Lysol and Bleach, I have a useful couch. The problem is that, I hate it. It's ugly, STILL has stains and looks totally out of place. We also have a tan micro-fiber armchair (which I also hate, but was coerced into buying). Other than that we have nothing else, oh! How could I forget; a hideous TV, circa 1999. Anyways I'm searching for a reasonably priced sofa that will fit my very specific ideas. I want neutral, crisp, clean, soft, plush, deep...
This one would do quite well...With some fun accent pillows.
White is so timeless, I can't go wrong.
These sofa's from Paris are great, love the brown, but not what I'm looking for.
Well I'm also thinking about breathing some new life into that poor orphan couch I picked up. I think I could do a good job. Anyway ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear it.

The epitome of luxe and lavishness would have to be this Versace Sofa.


  1. Great Blog!! Blogging IS addictive. I'm happy we found each other. Love your photos.

    xo- noel

  2. gosh those are so beautiful!! :D
    also no i didnt, but i must check that out :)

    Monika ♥