Friday, March 6, 2009

Design Desires

West Elm Desk (I just love this look)

Pure Vegetarian from Anthropologie $29.99
West Elm Coffee Table (*This is a must have) $129.99

Wall Paper "Zebra Floral" from Anthropologie $198

Drapery; Anthropologie $98

Coral Knob; Anthropologie $2.00

Blue Bird Rug; Anthropologie

This is just a collection of my current wish list items for my place. I'm really trying to find some suitable window treatments since right now there are none to be had. The living room desperately needs work and I am so in love with the greys, blues and creams right now. vintage-looking, but with splashes of crisp white it looks very spa-like and welcoming.


  1. hi lauren! I'm new to your site but it is looking great so far. I to LOVE the coral knobs from anthropologie, in fact, I love most of there things! I stumbled upon your blog from BLOOM STUDIO, she is my cousin/sister/aunt & great friend all in one. Keep up the great work!

  2. they're all so pretty!!! i was looking for the flower lights but couldn't find them- want to send me the link?