Friday, May 14, 2010

784 sq ft.

That's how much space I will have to work with in two weeks. Thats right, I am finally getting my own apartment! This is the time I have been waiting for with baited breath all year.
So, as the move in begins and the decorating starts, I will be updating much much more frequently to document my adventures and experiences designing my first place. keys to making my first place perfect will include the following:
  • Using the floor plan to map out furniture Before I bring a load of stuff in. 
  • Finding bargains and once-loved pieces that I can breath some life into for a little amount of cash. (I'm just out of college so low-budget items are always welcome) 
  • Utilizing each space for a specific function or allowing them to serve dual purposes. 
  • Bring luxurious textures, fabrics and colors into each space to define my own style and give each space life and attitude. 
  • fresh flowers. 
Obviously my favorite site at the moment is Apartment Therapy. To quote Edward Cullen, "Like my own personal brand of heroin." I LOVE THIS SITE. Especially now since I'm finally about to get my first apartment. Completed addicted.
I spent hours looking at the spaces submitted in the small cool contest.

this was the winners space. I die for that clear plex chair! ahhhh. Ikea has some similar ones right now. They are a great way to not clog up a space, but still have function.

I'm going to be in Austin, with almost 800 sq.ft. But I love the idea of printing the floor plan out and "playing tetris". In a studio like this one, this was definitely the key to making it work.

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