Wednesday, August 4, 2010

$10 Floating Bedside Tables

In a small space, with few exceptions, less is more. Although I'm fortunate to have a good amount of space to work with, I still don't enjoy clutter or overbearing pieces of furniture. So when it came to the bedroom, I was looking for a relaxing, calm and visually clean environment. Keeping a fairly neutral and bright color palatte, I kept everything simple and neat.
Working on such a tight budget, ($700 to be exact) for the entire apartment! I put most of the budget into the main living space so that didn't leave much wiggle room for the bedroom. I passed on a bed frame for the time being and focused on accents to give the room a little life.
So, after digging through Ikea's Ahmazing As-Is section, we found 4 scraps of wood for .99 cents each..can't argue with that. We stopped by home depot to get some simple gray L-brackets and screws. 
I primed and painted the little suckers and we measured and leveled and attached the brackets. 

We (well, I was busy taking pictures and directing) My mom worked to attach them securely to the wall at a decent height for when my bedframe does arrive. 
for $5 each I really can't complain! They are super functional, take up practically no space and fit in perfectly to a poor girls budget! 
The End Result: 

More on the mirrors and artwork later, oh and accent pillow! ;)
Happy Thursday fellow Bloggers!

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  1. Great idea, especially in small spaces where there isn't a ton of room for large bedside tables. I have a similar project saved in my inspiration files. The only difference is that the brackets are a bit more decorative-something you could easily do down the road if you wanted to swank it up a bit. It might even be pretty to paint them a color that contrasts with the wall color.