Monday, August 9, 2010

Case of the Mondays

It's only 11am, and I have a definitely case of the Mondays. Thanks to my not-o-trusty iphone,  alllllllllllll my recent DIY photos and blog photos have been deleted. So I'm NOT a happy camper. You know how things are just supposed to be easy and simpler with all this new technology and stuff??....well, its not.
I'm beyond annoyed.
I had this whole post prepared, but with out the photos it just makes no sense to even post. So I'm just doing a pretty collective image post today. Enjoy bloggers, hopefully Tuesday will bring some resolve and technology will feel like cooperating with me.

Does anyone else feel overwhelming by technology sometimes? Like they created all these things to make "our lives easier and more efficient" and really we are less efficient and everything is difficult and time consuming?
I bought a rectangle short vase for this very purpose.

I want to capture the calm. Nate Berkus Design

Picture 14.png
I can't get enough. It's so clean, inviting and just pretty.

I'm more relaxed already. Just a case of the Monday's I think...

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