Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 things I Want To Learn....

How to make designs in my soy latte foam
The In's n' Outs of Etsy, so I can buy and sell and support handmade and local artists.
More about investing so I don't have to rely on a dog...i mean stock broker.
To play golf with a handicap without LOOKing like a handicap 
To be more ADVENTUROUS in my designs. 'ala Johnathan Adler.                           

What are 5 things YOU want to learn this year??

1 comment:

  1. Good question. I want to learn:

    ...to paint with watercolors.

    ...to cook more than my 2-3 "company only" entrees.

    ...to embrace the concept that I don't need to make constant changes in the decor of my home.

    ...to love gardening so the outside of my home gets as much attention as the inside of my home.

    ...to ask for help with my decorating projects instead of wading through the waters alone and possibly drowning in the process!