Friday, July 31, 2009


Is anyone else REALLY excited that Barnes and Noble FINALLY hopped on the free Wi-Fi bandwagon?! I can finally escape to my favorite place AND do work there without having to have some stupid code or pay a ton of money. Wooohoo.
I'm loving these Warhol plates, they crack me up!

Warhol Plate on sale at CB2 $.95 each
These Steve Madden pumps are so sexy and very rock and roll on sale right now at Nordstrom $69.99
Steve Madden 'Tarrgaa' Sandal

How do you all feel about purple home decor? Every style magazine said purple bags were in right now. Although I'm not a huge fan of the hue, I have to admit I'm digging these!

Thomas Paul Silk Pillow

Sorry for the rather random progression of this post, I just have so many random thoughts swirling around right now. Hope every has a HAPPY FRIDAY! I have to work at 4 till close so it won't be that fun, but I got my paycheck so THAT was!


  1. are those plates really 95 cents!? I wished they shipped to Canada

  2. YES! They are on sale from $1.50! Do they not ship there!? lame.

  3. Seeing a paycheck is always great news! I love your random thoughts. I got a little bit of everything!

  4. Free Wi-fi is essential! Love the plates-- very cute! :)