Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coffee Mugs
I don't know how it began, possibly in the 6th grade when I saw my mom come home with that white cup and signature green little mermaid lady on it? Or when I was studying senior (joking I didn't study senior year!?) for all my big exams.
* But I need coffee. *
Me and the boy's morning routine always starts with someone offering to make coffee. (Ok...sometimes I beg not to for those beloved 5 more minutes of bed time)
I'm not a snob when it comes to coffee, although I do enjoy indulging in a $5 soy latte everyone once and a while. Worth it.
I do wish I lived in a house where all the coffee cups were coordinated, but I think this might be an anomaly. Coffee cups were not designed to match, coordinate or do anything to resemble a cohesive unit in the kitchen.
You have father's day mugs, mothers day mugs, happy birthday mugs, Drink more coffee mugs (you know what I'm talking about...the reeeaaallly OVERSIZED mugs), Ugly-Plain-Small-White-Hotel Mug your husband brought home from a business trip. , travel mug, Stained mug (Probably your favorite), I could go on.
What if we lived in a world where all of our mugs went together? Pantone Coffee Mugs $135

Ok, and what about how only like 5 mugs can fit in a cabinet because of those darn handles!? Don't worry leave if to the coffee gods to solve this one..Thanks again Starbucks. Should we buy stock now or later?
Bright Green Double Wall Mugs by Starbucks Coffee (Set of 2)
Double walled Coffee Cups in Green 2 for $13.95
(That's right no burnt fingers)

Have a caffine fueled day.

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  1. i adore the pantone coffee mugs and will have to splure on them one day.