Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This morning has been excellent so far, especially since I got a Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks which came with a free pastry! And I don't have work. Could not ask for more. I'm making my list of To Do's and for some reason can't wait to start working on all my chores. Probably because I love organizing? :D
Me and the Bf are discussing possibly moving to Birmingham so we can get our own place until Australia, based on if he gets a job or not. But if we do I'm definitely going to buy a cute desk to do my work on, since right now all I have is the couch to work on. Which really just enables my procrastination.
I wish I had one of these adorable and not to mention completely functional/practical laptop desks. Pottery Barn Teen $129. (the price isn't as cute. Possibly a DIY?)

And some Ideas if we do move into an apartment next month.
When I go back to work in August, not only will I be one cool bitch riding her Vespa to work but I will also have a fabulously chic workspace like this.  Reblogged to remind myself.  For now I will continue, um, not working.  Wow - I love not working :-) veronicalovesarchie:  I’m thinking this will be my next project. I can’t remember where I stole this pic from sorry, guysies.

Sub all the black for grey or patterns and we are in business!

Love the shabby chic look, especially if I get an old desk and spruce it up. :D

This is probably the best idea I've seen. Two storage units can provide an excellent base for a desk. Love the notebooks and initials too!
Brand new workspace


  1. i adore the clipboards and they would be super easy to diy too!

  2. i know!! i was thinking puttin maneti strips behind so i can stick stuff