Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I could see myself ordering various items off CB2.com (Crate and Barrel's modern line) when in Australia...wouldn't want to think how much shipping would be. Good thing there are 3 Ikea's in the metro area of Melbourne. (The boyfriend doesn't understand the importance of this)

Swoop Desk $299

I've always liked the idea of a slat rack to store magazines good use of wall space too. $89

Keep your books tight with the help of these guys! People Bookends $39.99

Sleep in the forest. Stixx bed linens $19.99-$99.99

I would have the throw a few of these pillows on the Stixx Bedding. Wave Pillow $34.99

I would love to serve some cold lemonade on this tray...ohh! and add some little cookies. $34.99

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