Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorting Silver

I just started my new job in retail, and as employee's we have to emulate our brand through accessorizing. So everyday I'm decked out in various layers of bangles, long chain pendants, and chandelier earrings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about getting the opportunity to play dress up everyday. But my poor costume jewelry doesn't have a home. In my old place I had all my necklaces hung up in my walk-in. But they have found a comfy place above our tv in the bedroom, which is conveniently placed right next to the door. (Read: I rip off all my jewelry after work and put it on the first horizontal thing I find, ie. the Tv stand)
So it is time to ORGANIZE! hip hip hooray!!

Martha Stewarts: De-cluttering small thingsGood Things: De-Cluttering Small Things
They used small Japanese bowls to sort out earrings. So cute!

wood prep bowls set of 6 $9.99 Sur La Table
porcelain ramekins $3.50 each Sur La Table
Mini Glass Bowl Set $9.95 Crate And Barrel
I thought these would be so cute if you could decoupage them with whatever! My mom did it once and they turned out great.

And who says they all have to match!!?
Stylish Jewelry Storage

And I absolutely love this branch idea.


  1. great pics!!! i love that idea of organization!

  2. that drawer with the mismatched china is too adorable.