Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clean Sweep

I'm on a mission, well I have been for the past month. To finally feel a little bit "moved-in" to the home I've been in for the past 5 months. Sad, I know, but my goal for today is to finally organize the room that has been overloaded with randoms (aka all the junk I forget about and should just donate). I'm also on a mission to rid the house of cockroaches. Living with 3 other males makes this a difficult task due to the amount of food and crumbs constantly left for the female (read: ME) to clean up. I HATE COCKROACHES. And I'm always the one who seems to find them!?
Should I leave a copy of this on the coffee table so maybe they'll be inspired? I'd probably have to disguised it as a Sports Illustrated book!
I digress,
The space I'm needing to organize is going to purpose as both an extra seating space and workspace. I hope to bring in a currently unused black leather couch and a nice, big desk so I can work and do projects. (Did I mention the possibility of a small space to work out? ) So hopefully I can utilize the space the best I can and design it to suit all my needs.
Could I just have this space though?

This is my ultimate dream desk, but I have to keep in mind I live with three young, masculine males. So this style is probably out of the question right now but I can always dream. Oh, SeeJaneWork, you do it for me every time.

Well, hopefully I can cross some To-Do's off my list after today. And then I won't have to continue to overwhelm my posts with workspace and desk ideas.


  1. screw what the guys think. they can style the space when they start killing cockroaches.

  2. omg! totally! except I do make him kill them..haha I just work hard to prevent them. hah