Monday, June 29, 2009

Containing Hints

Do you ever feel confused or torn over making decisions? Are there times you just wish there was a sign or a message for you to do something, a shining beacon of light to guide you in the right direction? Someone people find their direction in religion, in politics or through others guidance.

I found my light at the Container Store website.

As I was doing some research for my post this morning, which was going to be on organizing and moving ideas. But instead I was bombarded with, "Ships Ahoy! Tips for Going on a Cruise." You're probably thinking, so what, who doesn't want to go on a vacation?!
But I was contemplating Working on a cruise ship for this upcoming holiday season with the boyfriend. So if my scholarship offer falls through from U of Virginia, then I may just have to find me some employment on a cruise line in the future. If not...we were still planning on taking a short trip to the Caribbean this Winter so either way. There's my sign, thank you Container Store!
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Organized packing is a MUST on a cruise with the lack of space in each cabin. I always find packing all my tolietries is difficult...not with these Capri train cases.
Capri Train Case
Capri Train Case: on Sale $12.99

And lets not forget fashion:
Everyone needs a light, tropical dress for the voyage at sea. How about this silk blend tulle dress?

Alexander McQueen $2739 on sale from $5476
(I know...far fetched...but a girl can dream!?)

And who want's pre-mature wrinkles? Keep those peepers covered from the hot Caribbean sun with these over-sized, chic shades from Marc Jacobs.
Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 115/S Plastic  Ladies Sunglasses
Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 115/S Sunglasses
Pretty sure I'm Dying for these in Ivory! Only $77.99 instead of $145 on

And being 5'10", although I love me a fabulous pair of heels...on a boat and beach, I pine for some comfy, chic flats. These simple, colorful Joseph Griffin Sandals will do from Piperlime.

$115 on Piperlime


  1. I am definetly in need of some sort of sign to figure out what my next move is. Funny how these things can come in the weirdest times and places! Good luck with the cruise job -- that sounds so totally awesome!

  2. first of all, those sandals are amazing and if you get the opportunity to work on a cruise ship, i say go for it. it's an experience most people will never have.

  3. lol i know!! well a wrench was thrown in the works yesterday when my BF got offered a chance to play baseball in Australia...

  4. Great finds - I'm really loving the sandals :)