Sunday, June 28, 2009

Success and Budgets

Our yard sale was a small success, so we decided to be rational and put $300 away for a trip we have in the works (cough...Christmas cruise...cough) and use the rest for a nice dinner and some groceries. We are both on strict budgets and so we made a shopping list before hand (one of my favorite things to do) and stuck to it! (I gave us both a gold star for the day when we were only 10 cents over our budget)
At Vale Design you can download SUPER cute to-do lists "The Freakin' Never Ending To Do List" and "The Blog Topics To Post List "

My boyfriend's dad stopped by today and was in shock at the clean, organized room my boyfriend had now acquired since he acquired...well, Me. And he couldn't stop talking about the closet and how organized it was with the white matching hangers and boxes. Of course in my mind I think it is normal for a closet to look like this, who Doesn't have hangers that match!?
I just found this and this office space design is dear to my heart. Everything about it simply screams perfection. I could get some serious work done here.
apartment therapy (container store)
On a random shopping note, on several occasions (mostly all of them) when I go into stores, I look at everything. Even if I don't want to buy anything or am in for a specific reason. I just have to inspect everything and make sure I didn't miss know, just in case. I also have a little place in my brain where I store all this useful shopping information, in case I need something or want to spout off some useful pricing information. I can't do crazy hard math in school, but I can whip up some mean %40 off equations on a cute pair of shoes in seconds.
Enough of the rambling, it didn't take me but 5 minutes to find these long and lean tanks for $5 each at Target. No one can argue with 5 buck tanks, and I don't think that basics have to be super expensive. The word basic and expensive contradict each other. With that being said,
1 white, 1 black= $10, 100's of possibilities. love them.

mossimo long and lean tank normally $7.99 sale $5


  1. a list works really well with budgeting, I just have to make myself sit down and plan with one and then it just seems to follow through, love those ones, mmm mmm

  2. I love that blog to do list b/c I constantly think of things I could blog about then forget them!

  3. i have this tank in grey (i bought it to wear to the gym) and it's awesome and so soft. definitely great for the price.