Monday, June 1, 2009

I've been really into writing lately

I've always been really passionate about writing. Throughout school English was always my favorite class, the concepts and process just came very naturally to me. Math on the other hand was a very different matter. Even when I was much younger I was always writing little short stories, filling up journals and creating newsletter about everything. I still really enjoy writing down my thoughts and ideas, I keep two notebooks in my purse at all times, one being a to do list notebook, and another just for anything that pops into my head. There are so many journals out there and writing utensils, (My current favorites were some Target Dollar Spot Madagascar Pencils! So funny they make me smile).
so HOW fun are these!! I can't for the life of me remember what blog I saw these on. I would go on a writing spree and what an attractive and organized way to display them!

Have a marvelous monday!! I know I will!


  1. i could buy a bazillion journals and never fill them up!

    (pssst...i think it was my blog? it was some time ago:)

  2. Wow theya are amazing! I want one in every color!

  3. your sweet comments saw me through a pretty yucky day...thank you, really.