Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'll have a big class of Pinot please!

Merus Winery by UXUS
Modern and minimalistic, gives a this winery a edgy, romantic feel.

"Le Cirque" wine shoppe at Swanson Winery near Rutherford.

Tasting room at Swanson.
I would not mind tasting some wine off that table.

Tasting room at Waterstone Winery.
Waterstone Wines in Napa, Taste at Oxbow

Guest room at Opus Winery.
Guest room at Opus One Winery by micamica

William Hill Winery
William Hill Winery Interior by Vebate
Shop provides a view to the Barrels.

I wish I had more time here at home so I could go take a day and explore all these fantastic wineries in person. It's so sad how I took advantage of living here all these years and never experiencing. But I'm assuming that's true for most places, locals don't do touristy things. But now that I don't technically live here anymore then it's alright. I'm going to have some exciting posts coming up about my boyfriend and I's adventures to Bodega, Redwood Forest, Healdsburg, obviously the unpretentious town of Sebastopol (where I hail from), and last but not least San Francisco. I'm so excited to show the Southern Boy the way true Californians live.


  1. These are great. I love the 1st one - definitely romantic!

  2. did you say wine...and good design? i'm in.

  3. ooo lovely. when i went vineyard hopping nothing looked quite like chic!