Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco

My boyfriend and I have found our future address...1000 Lombard St.
I wish I could take a tour of some of these interiors because the exteriors we saw yesterday were amazing.
We decided to park at Larkspur and take the ferry! Something, in my 18 years of living by the bay, I had never done! So it was an experience for us to share. We got into the port at 8:45a.m. and started our adventure.
File:SF Ferry Building at night.JPG
We ended up walking up to Union Square down Market Street.

We bought our day passes for the cable cars and buses to save our poor little feet.

We saw Chinatown, the Crookedest Street, Ghiradelli Square, some old boats, and traveled down the Embarcadero.
We had such a great time, forgetting the fact our backs and tootsies were rather sore. And our itinerary didn't lend its self to being a very expensive excursion to the city at all.
2 Adult Ferry Tickets (Free Parking) $14.50
2 coffee's and a banana bread slice on the ferry $5.50
2 All day cable car passes $22
Lunch at the bottom of Bloomingdale's Mall $18.00
2 more coffee's (yea, we needed it) $6.00
2 Adult Ferry Tickets $14.50
1 really fun, memorable day in the city for two: $70
Completely worth it.


  1. Great pictures! I've always wanted to take a trip to San Fran.

  2. it sounds like a blast and you have some great photos to show for it!