Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Dreams on a Saturday

It's been a lazy Saturday. I decided at 10 it was a good idea to get up and make some coffee. Also on my quest to break my boyfriend's desire for Mc Donalds, I made him a whole wheat, egg, turkey breast and cheese muffin. I opted for a whole wheat, tofu and tomato basil hummus sandwhich. We're still on the couch watching Flip This House, but at least we're up!
Some fresh, summery rooms for me to dream about since it's raining once again
Maine White Desk


Once I pay all my bills, I want to try this How-To project from Apartment Therapy. Indoor herb garden in a pot. I just bought a fresh, organic basil plant.

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  1. i love those rooms! that color palatte is so fresh!