Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good-bye Jimmy Choo

I just finished my first summer read, "Good-Bye Jimmy Choo." Set in the countryside of England, where two out-of-place city women find friendship in under unlikely circumstances. My parents hail from England and Scotland so I've taken many trips back to Britian. I figured I'd share some of my very ammature photography on my most recent visit. My little 5'2" Granny lives in a quaint, seaside cottage, "Bridge Cottage", and memories of indulging in creamy british cookies, lots of tea and biscuits will never leave me. This book reminded me of all the adventures I've been on and hopefully I'll have more in the future. I figured I'd do a post with some English Cottage style.

Row Houses in Oxford: Early Morning and Fresh Snow.
Sepia Tone Street in Oxford, my aunt and brother are up ahead.

"Bridge Cottage." in Powfoot, Scotland.

Row Houses facing the coast in Powfoot, view from Granny's cottage.
*Photo's courtesy of Me.

Now some more professional shots, aka nothing I could accomplish with my point and shoot camera.

Calming cottage garden
english-country-pub-garden.jpg English cottage image by jackie6869

Comfy cottage quarters
englishcottage8.jpg english cottage interior original image by mkeller63

Cottage kitchen creation*3NU6-k6ihcto*VAZxfc_/HomeShowLibertyStoneworks0108035.jpg

Well, I'm sitting in the Vegas airport again heading back to the south after a great trip home.


  1. Those photos make me want to move there! its sooo cute!

  2. It does look wonderful! I really like the sepia photo. Also the book sounds interesting- and school is out so I do need something fun to read.

  3. Your "Comfy Cottage Quarters" photo is Iris's living room from "The Holiday".