Friday, June 19, 2009

potatoes and cents

I've been in the cooking mood lately. As me and the boyfriend are trying to save money (read: We are broke college kids) We've been trying our hardest to eat our meals in and not go out to eat. We did the math for last week:
I shopped at Whole Foods and spent $39
He went to Bruno's and spent $49
TOTAL: about $90
We used to eat out almost every meal at approximately $20 a pop. 20X2=$40 a day X 7= $240 a week. So we're saving $150 a week by eating in. Soooooo, that means I can spend it on useful kitchen tools by Martha right?!!
KitchenAid® Martha Stewart Blue Collection 7-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
Martha Collection Mixer $69

Martha Stewart Collection 6-Piece Multi-Color Melamine Bowl Set
6-piece Martha Collection Mixing Bowls $34

Martha Stewart Collection Green Colander, 5 Qt.Martha Stewart Collection White Colanders
Green Colander Martha Collection $22 5Qt. (I actually have this in Pink, but LOVE the white)

Martha Stewart Collection Recipe Box
I would never use this but it is SO cute!
Martha Collection Recipe Tin $14.99

Martha Stewart Collection 16-Piece Food Storage Container Set
Did you say organized leftovers!!! I'm in heaven.
Martha Collection 16-piece container set $29.99


  1. The multi-colored mixing bowls are so cute! And I'd bet they'd come in handy, too - I always find myself yelling "give me the bowl right underneath the middle one!", and just saying "give me the gray bowl" would be so much easier. And I think you're totally justified in spending your food savings on new kitchen wares. Happy shopping!

  2. i could really use those left over containers and that mixer is so pretty.

  3. Eating in only gets easier! And yes, you need those fun bowls and mixer as motivation!