Sunday, May 31, 2009

stupid airlines...

Helping my boyfriend plan his trip to Vegas...wish I was going so I could use my Plum Victoria's Secret Passport case I got for Christmas! LOVE IT!
other cute travel accessories.

Maura Peters Travel Candles

Maura PetersTravel Candles $5.99

Cute Packing organizers
Cute Packing Organizers

Airborne $10. A healthy traveler is a slightly happier traveler.

Ohh I love travel accessories. i HATE flying. Used to love it when airlines rocked (circa 1994) but now they are just awful.


  1. they really suck, first no free food on board, then extra charges for baggage. What's next, extra charges for using the bathroom?!

  2. lol don't get me started for charging for baggage..I have so many horror stories about airline travelling i could write a book!! Horrible. Thanks for stopping by ladies!