Friday, May 1, 2009


I've always loved closets. Maybe it's my love or organization or clothes, although probably a combination of the two. But there's something calming about being able to actually find what you're looking for when you open the doors to a closet. Closets are often disregarded when designing or decorating spaces. But I consider them a very important aspect; they are the home for your clothes. And I can't imagine how much I've invested into my fashion through the years. But why not protect and take care of your investments?

I've been blessed to have a walk-in closet for the last 6 months, but I am now adjusting to something of a smaller scale. So while I can't indulge in the closet of my dreams quite yet...I'll just live vivaciously through the 2009 Top Shelf Award Winners from Closet Magazine...

*Nanci Corder Lewis
Premiere Design Closets
Nashville, TN
Home Organization

*Donna Siben
Closet Organizing Systems,
East Dundee, IL


  1. Wow! Those closets will be in my dreams tonight....A girl can wish right?

  2. i would love that to be my closet love it <3