Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Henri Bendel

Reason #146 why I love New York...the Henri Bendel store on Fifth Ave. Before I arrived in New York I was already addicted to their delicious candles compliments of Bath and Body Works.
I am a huge fan of Tuberose and although $30 may seem outrageous to pay for a candle. These are worth it. I had to get my mother the Fig scent when we actually visited the store. And I also picked up a few of the Alex and Ani's recycled metal expandable bracelets, even before Elle Accessories caught on to them.
Oh and lets not forget the signature enamel bangle that I wear with almost everything 1895 Narrow Hinged Enamel Bangle gallery 0
So thank you Henri Bendel for providing me some inspiration for today's posting and strengthening my love for New York. I may incorporate some brown stripes into my own home some day.

Hb 1895 Storefront


  1. I want to go to NY so bad! Have you been to Serenditpity 3? That is one place I really want to go to try the frozzzen hot chocolate and see if it's really THAT good! I love those bracelets :)

  2. I love that illustration of the store! Not that I've ever been there. Never even been to New York *yet*.

  3. One of my favorite stores in NY and I'm lucky to be only 30 mins away from it. I love everything about it. Especially the chic decor with the brown/white stripes. I can never really afford anything in there, but I always walk away with a lipgloss so I can get a cute little shopping bag!

  4. Bendel's is hands down my fave department store. It's like a wonderland. Can't wait to visit again!