Wednesday, May 20, 2009

R.I.P Daisy Marc Jacobs

Eulogy to My Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume:
You were a magnificent fragrance.
I could always count on you to keep me smelling, well, like a daisy.
I can't tell you how many compliments you helped me pull in.
Lets not forget how cute you were as a bottle. Your little white flower cap.
Although I always keep a variety of scents, secretly you were always my little favorite.
It was so sad to see you go, in such a tragic way.
Although the separation from you will be tough, I still have my Coach Signature to be my support.
I hope you have found your way to perfume evaporation heaven and have a fabulous great-smelling time. Kisses!

irinakulikova-marcjacobs-daisy.jpg image by rockthetrend

Thinking I'm crazy? I may be a little bit, but I also have a keen sense of humor. Ok, here is the story that I'm hoping will thoroughly entertain all you ladies out there (because it could happen to you)
Here it goes:
I'm in the process of moving out of my apartment, into my boyfriend's, I'm sick of moving so the process is going Verrrry slow. Since we were going on a trip to B-Ham for a few days I wanted some more of my clothes. I head to the apartment and of course bringing along my four year old of a boyfriend who has NOOO patience for things like this what-so-ever (bless his heart though because he was so helpful with the big kitchen box) Well as I'm feverishly packing things away, I through a load of bathroom stuff into a very cute V.S. box I'd save from a gift. In this sexy box is ironically where I keep my stash of tampons.
In this box I also place my Daisy perfume. (Are you catching on to where this is going?)
So As I cram the contents of my room into a suitcase the size of golden retriver I didn't put much thought into my packing strategy. And so it goes, when I open up my suitcase and began unpacking I came along my VS box, which was perfect since I'm was about to be graced with mother natures' monthly gift. Unfortunately, well, lets just say that all my tampons had become pre-scented with a $60 fragrance and My Daisy was out of commission.
And once again my four year old chimes in, "Did they all puff up!!?? I heard that's what they do, but I've never seen one?" All I could do was laugh, and bid a farewell to my favorite fragrance.
Oh for the love of men, tampons, and the waste of a fabulous perfume, and why life's to short to be saddned by any of those things.
daisy_marc_jacobs.jpg Daisy Marc Jacobs Perfume image by sweetcontemplation


  1. haha!
    i love love my daisy! i keep it in my car to spray before i get out, it leaked in my car one day. i cried. my car now smells DAMN AMAZING!!!

  2. This perfume IS the best! I absolutely love it. :)