Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thunderstorms and Green Tea

I arrived in the South two years ago about this time and I had never been in a summer thunderstorm before. It's taken me two full years to not be completely terrified and worried that the apocalypse was coming when it started raining in the middle of SUMMER! (Being the Northern Cali girl that I am, I couldn't wrap my brain around how it could just start thunder storming out of no-where!)

Fortunately I have learned to embrace the soothing sounds of the unpredictable downpours, especially when I'm all curled up in our super comfy Egyptian cotton sheets and getting my morning laughs from the train wreaks on Clean Sweep.

Things To Do On A Rainy Day:
Finish My Mosaic
Organize the closet...again
Add to my design/inspiration book
Give myself a pedicure (oh this would have said Get a pedicure if I still had a job)
Read my book (The Manny)
Organize the Kitchen

Armani Hotel

interior design mag 4/1/09

I'm in love with this arrangement. Martha Stewart

And some more paper flowers. Leave it to Martha for paper flowers

Sorry for the randomness of this post! But I'm off to start working on that todo list. Have a fabulous Saturday.

Swank Simplexity


  1. i want to learn to make paper flowers, i think they're gorgeous.
    i've lived in the south for some time and i'm always surprised when a storm comes out of nowhere (much like today).

  2. How fabulous are those buttons!! Lovely post & blog!! Kellie

  3. hi lauren,
    just wanted to stop by from domesticallyblissfull and saw you are in tuscaloosa and thought i'd say "hi" my daughter is there too! she has a blog you should check out.. and say "hi!" or "roll tide" to her i am a designer by trad tooo. good luck to you, i'm following you stop by and say "hi!"

  4. Well, even though the post is "random" it's very interesting. I especially like the paper flowers. I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks if Martha does it.
    Today, there was a storm that just came out of nowhere (I'm from GA so it's not a surprise really) and it got so cold that I actually had to wear a hoodie when just yesterday, I was wear a sundress!!!