Monday, May 4, 2009

What I call "My Oasis"

I always consider my bedroom, "My Oasis" and rightly it should be. It is the one ME place, a place where I can relax, think and not have the outside worries of life interfere. It is difficult though when I am completely indecisive of what direction I want to take my color/style choices in to pull the room together. I am completely obsessed with gray right now, it's odd, many say its a sad, depressing color. But I beg to differ, it provides a balanced and perfect backdrop for exciting, colorful accents.
courtesy :apartment therapy

I'm still in love with yellow and gray together, but I don't know how well that will go over with the boy. I think the more neutral the better.

As soon as I get into a more permanent place, these will definitely serve as inspiration for my bedroom.


  1. I love the first picture, I was thinking of doing some fun turquois euro shams on our bed...but I can't find any that I like :(

  2. I would just hit up a fabric store and make those suckers myself. :D

  3. I, too, am obsessed with grey! Sadly, to pull it off, I have to replace my floors (warm toned tile). Working on The Husband for new wood floors. Then, I want monochromatic shades of grey with just a pop of cool colors. I'm dreaming...