Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello yellow, you make me so mellow.

18 inch Yellow branches wallpaper lamp shade
Etsy Drawflowers Shop - 18" $137
Love this lampshade and this designers work, can't afford it right now (oh the sacrifices of unemployment) though...maybe I could adapt this look for my bedroom lampshades I'm hopefully going to finish today.

Michael Kors MICHAEL KORS Oversized Chronograph Watch, Yellow
Michael Kors Oversized Chronograph Watch $195 ( i have a white Fossil one and LOVE IT! but the yellow would be fun for summer)
Laura Day Design: Oh, yellow walls. I've been loving yellow for a while. This room looks great but I would definitely add some gray pillows on those white know me and gray!

Ferm Living

Silk Pillow $110..

ok those would look great posted up on those chairs. And my dream room is made. Hope everyone has a bright, fabulous summer day.


  1. Love the yellow walls, it looks very balanced with the white furniture...

  2. i'm a huge fan of yellow and that last pillow is simply gorgeous.

  3. I echo down and out chic. Love yellow. In fact I have a yellow sofa. What I enjoy most about this color is how it brightens up a space. I once heard that yellow lightens up a room more than white.