Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ok rain, Enough already

It is the end of May and the rain STILL has not let up. I'm a fan of summer and all this rain is cramping my style. I can't remember the last time I've been out in the sun. Poor tan, getting no UV love...although I'll look back on this rainy summer and be thankful for when my skin doesn't resemble my brown leather Michael Kors bag.
But I guess I'll have to make the most of it, bake some vegan cookies and muffins I think??
I made a delicious batch of apple, cinnamon choco chip muffins from the book "Naturally Thin."
They are so AMAZING! egg free, dairy free, gluten free, almost fat free and 100% worth it and really easy to make.

I wouldn't mind serving dinner tonight on these Blossom Plates from Crate and Barrel $29.99

This is on My Super Wishlist: and HOW FABULOUS is the color!? Love it.
Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer $275 on sale. if only I had one of these to do my mixing...but for now my little muscles will have to do.

Well, I'm off for some baking fun and tasty dinner!
Dinner: Fusilli with Creamy Mushroom Sauce(vegan) and small glass of chardonnay.
The boyfriend loved it (I added chicken to his bowl, for his little meat-eating self....ewewe)


  1. that is a great mixer! hope you see some sunshine soon.

  2. how was the chardonnay? I like your template colors btw

  3. I have been looking for some great dishes for a client. Now I need to send her to Seattle to pick them up! Love those plates!

  4. ooh I got a kitchenaid mixer for my birthday last year. mine is white though with a hammered looking finish- really nice for cleaning. And those crate and barrel plates- you can get ceramic/glass paint that cures in the oven- could maybe make a set that looks alike.. I personally want to do that to some dishes to look like a design by kate spade