Monday, May 25, 2009

Lamp Shades

I bought two marble lamp bases for $30 at a Goodwill months ago but the shades are rather hideous. I haven't decided what fabric/ or pattern I'm going to use yet.
. Gray Forest Lampshade
urban outfitters gray forest $19
(This would go perfectly in my room! except I want to add more color like yellow :D my 2 favorites at the moment)

This would be a fabulous DIY project! Some chalk paint and a stencil on a big piece of paint board. Cheap and very effective. Would work great beside a desk or in a kitchen.

Urban Outfitters $29

I'm feeling very crafty right now, so I'm going for a quick run to work off some of the tasty vegan muffins I ate yesterday :D
Thanks Nike for your ever present inspiration to get my ass off the couch and down the road. You will forever be my personal trainer and motivator.

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  1. I really like that grey shade - but yellow sounds good too - it's good to go with a bold statement - you can always change it later. That said, I have orange curtains I bought to cheer my room up. They go really well with the grey walls and dark floor, but they are not my style AT all - I want to change them!