Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cooking, Cooking Gone

I've been cooking alot lately probably due to my unemployment and the whole month of rain we've had (Anyone else in the south feeling my pain!?). It's had me thinking a bunch about kitchens. I have yet to decide my kitchen style, but I know when I get my own place that aspect of my home will be crucial. I just haven't decided what I'd like. But these were some fun (not all serious) ideas.

kitchen in my lati house by JadenesS

" Welcome home Ken! " - Barbie

My kitchen corner by cottonblue
country collection

Modern high-end kitchen - by Artizen Home Renovations by ArtiZEN Renovations
Love the cabinets

Retro Modern Kitchen by sunset  flame
I only bake in heels and diamonds


  1. LOL! I want a pink kitchen just like that...very retro :P

  2. Hi there,
    Just wondering if you've decided on which kitchen style you would like to use? I'm actually from Artizen and would love to organise a conversation between yourself and my manager!?