Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random but squeaky clean post

This was such a random thought when I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday. I had just bought a new toothbrush (colgate 360...PINK, of course) but once I brought it home and was looking at it perched in it's silver toothbrush holder, I had a moment of deep though into why toothbrushes are cute looking? I've seen some "fashion toothbrushes" that have really cute handles, but the bristles and the head are just awful.
Case and Point:
these are very cute, large variety...but lets get real about the head. There's no way these's brushes will ever compare to my colgate. But why can't colgate catch on to the "cutest or chic-ness" if you will of designing a good-looking toothbrush so that when it's not in use it can at least be used as a tasteful piece of design....

Maybe I missed my calling.
Ok, more random-ness, but OH-So-Funess!! LOOK at these bath tubs, (since were on bathroom talk)
shoe lovers
Massimiliano Della Monaca, a designer from Italy

these made me smile


  1. those tubs are wild! and now i kind of want a polka dotted toothbrush, thank you very much.

  2. Love the tub! How cool is that?!