Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more tangled jewelry

Organizing jewelry has always been an issue for me...probably because I'm constantly losing pieces and taking them off and throwing them in my purse. Right now keeping my jewelry is limited to my Juicy Couture Shoe Box packed in the back of my car...OH the horror. (At least the box is WAY cute) But I have a wish list of jewelry organizers for when I finally get settled somewhere.
Pottery Barn $89
White jewelry box $66 (in red or silver)
Jewelry stand

Straight pins with pearl heads $2-7 a package. Michaels.

Straight pins
pinning necklaces on my wall was my favorite when I lived in the dorm. There was so much wall to fill and it helped keep them all untangled and easy to see. I think this look would only look good now in a walk-in with a big pin-board.


  1. My jewelry is always a mess too. I think I need to buy something like the first one! :)

  2. Jewelry is always a mess for me! I need that first one. :)